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  6. Refusal, non-renewal or cancellation of registration and/or accreditation
  7. Tribunal
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If the internal review supports the Registration Committee's original recommendation and/or decision, the school may appeal to the Tribunal against the recommendation and/or decision.

The appeal process involves the following steps:

Following an internal review, NESA gives the member school or applicant written notice of the decision to make such a recommendation or decision.

The school or applicant has twenty-eight (28) days in which to lodge an appeal in writing with the Tribunal.

The Tribunal contacts the school proprietor and/or principal (or equivalent) to arrange a date on which the appeal will be heard.

The Tribunal considers the appeal and makes a recommendation to the Minister. The Minister considers the recommendation of the Tribunal and makes a decision as to whether the school should be registered/accredited.

Under the Education Act, there is no appeal against the Minister's decision.

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