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Professional learning of 'responsible persons'

Proper governance of a non-government school requires policies and procedures for the ongoing professional development of ‘responsible persons’ for the school to ensure that the school’s ‘responsible persons’ have relevant qualifications, skills and experience for governing the school properly.

The specific professional learning to be completed by any one ‘responsible person’ for a school will depend on the person’s pre-existing qualifications and professional experiences, the school’s policies and procedures for professional learning and the particular role and responsibilities of the person. Governance professional learning should include a school context regardless of a ‘responsible person’s’ professional experience and qualifications.

Evidence of compliance

The ‘responsible persons’ for a registered non-government school must have in place and implement policies and procedures for the ongoing professional learning of the school’s ‘responsible persons’ with specific reference to: 

  • the mandatory completion of a minimum twelve (12) hours of professional learning with regard to governance issues for each ‘responsible person’ for the school over each three (3) year period from the time of commencing as a ‘responsible person’; to be delivered by a NESA approved training provider1
  • relevant professional learning for ‘responsible persons’ with responsibilities for areas of governance requiring particular qualifications, skills or expertise, for example in relation to finance, compliance, risk management and/or education, delivered by a NESA approved training provider2
  • maintaining a register of professional learning and training undertaken by each ‘responsible person’ for the school including, the following details for each year:

    • name of ‘responsible person’
    • role or position of responsibility
    • professional learning (date, nature, provider and hours)

  • retaining the register of professional learning on and from 1 September 2014, including relevant records such as evidence of completion of professional learning, and retaining such records and each entry into the register from the date of entry for a minimum period of seven (7) years before archiving or disposing.





1 Approved providers of governance training programs are published on the NESA website from time to time.
2 Refer to Footnote 1.

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