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Record of School Achievement

The curriculum during Year 7 to Year 10 for students who are candidates for the Record of School Achievement must:

  • meet the study requirements for each key learning area as detailed on the ACE website, and
  • be taught in accordance with a syllabus developed by NESA and approved by the Minister.

The rules and procedures for the RoSA are detailed on the ACE website and NESA Official Notices. Schools need to refer to these rules and procedures to ensure the eligibility of students for the RoSA credential.

Schools must refer to the ACE website and NESA Official Notices for details of their responsibilities in relation to the requirements for the RoSA, the RoSA curriculum, satisfactory completion of a course and rules concerning attendance and appeals.

Evidence of capacity to comply

A proposed non-government school must have in place policies and procedures to monitor the compliance of each student with the requirements for eligibility for the RoSA.

A registration system and/or proposed member school must provide evidence of:

  • the total number of hours it intends to allocate to each course
  • the scope and sequence of proposed learning/units of work mapped against the content and outcomes of the relevant NESA syllabus for each course
  • planned resources and equipment that will be available for each KLA
  • assessment policies and procedures which comply with the requirements of the ACE website and in NESA Official Notices. These policies should include statements of the proposed procedures relating to the allocation of grades based on Course Performance Descriptors in each RoSA course
  • confirmation that the school will have policies for disability provisions in accordance with the ACE website
  • an overview of the proposed process for reporting student achievement.

The proposed member school must be able to demonstrate alignment between NESA syllabuses and the school's proposed curriculum documentation.


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