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Approved authority

All registration systems must have an authority that is a person or body appointed by:

  • the proprietor or proprietors of the non-government schools, or
  • the person or persons who established the non-government school system

to act on behalf of the system.

To be approved by NESA, the authority must provide evidence that:

  • either the authority is, or the individual member schools are, a type of legal entity approved by the Minister for Education


  • a legally binding relationship exists between the authority and member schools that allows the authority to comply with its obligations under the Education Act 1990.

Requirements of the Education Act 1990 that all approved system authorities must meet and provide evidence of compliance with relate to:

  • the approved manner in which the compliance of member schools is monitored
  • registration requirements of member schools
  • provisional registration of member schools
  • accreditation requirements of member schools
  • provisional accreditation of member schools
  • changes in the circumstances of the operation of the registration system and member schools.
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