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Renewal of accreditation

NESA requires applications for renewal of accreditation to be made at least nine (9) months before the existing school's accreditation is due to expire, or, at a later date decided by NESA and communicated to the proprietor in writing.

The relevant application form may be accessed and submitted electronically by registered schools logging onto RANGS Online and using the 'Work with Application Forms' link.

NESA also requires applications for renewal of accreditation to include information demonstrating:

  • whether or not the school continues to satisfy the requirements for accreditation under Part 8 of the Act, and
  • whether or not the since the school's accreditation was granted or last renewed, the school has complied with the terms of the accreditation.

Under Section 87 of the Education Act the maximum period for which accreditation may be renewed is five (5) years. Section 87 also provides for the period of accreditation to correspond to the period of registration of a school, unless the Authority considers it not appropriate.

In considering whether the requirements of the Act relating to the courses of study for the recognised credential are being complied with, Section 92 of the Act requires that NESA have regard to:

  • the record (if any) of achievement of the students at the school in the courses
  • the standard of teaching of the courses at the school, and
  • the facilities provided at the school.

Registered non-government schools must meet the accreditation requirements if they wish to present candidates for the Record of School Achievement and/or Higher School certificate examination.

Section 87A of the Act makes provision for the NESA School Registration Committee, under delegation from NESA, to reduce the accreditation period of the school and for the school to be placed on provisional accreditation at any time before the expiry of the period of accreditation of the school if the NESA School Registration Committee is not satisfied that the school is complying with the requirements for accreditation.

If the school is placed on provisional accreditation, parents of students at the school must be notified in writing by the school of the provisional accreditation status of the school and the consequences of that accreditation status.

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