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Policies and procedures

 The responsible persons for a non-government school, are responsible for developing and implementing policies and procedures to govern and operate the school in order to satisfy its legal obligations, manage risk, provide strategic guidance and monitor performance. This also applies with regard to the requirements of the Education Act as described in the Manual.

Evidence of compliance

The responsible persons for a registered non-government school must have in place and implement policies and procedures in relation to, but not limited to, the following:

  • a school charter or document identifying the governance structure of the school and the respective authority, role and responsibilities of each of the school's responsible persons and any other person or body concerned in the management of the school
  • a delegations schedule to

    • identify the respective authority within the governance structure
    • describe the process for withdrawing a delegated authority
  • a document to set out supervisory arrangements and reporting requirements for the school's responsible persons including any governing body and school executive
  • a code of conduct for the school's responsible persons
  • maintenance of records of governance decisions and actions made by the school's responsible persons, including minutes of formal meetings of the school's responsible persons, on and from 1 September 2014 and retaining such records for a minimum period of seven (7) years before archiving
  • documentation describing the school's process to facilitate the school's compliance with all relevant legislation and reduce any risk of non-compliance
  • a document describing the school's risk management framework or plan for developing, implementing and reviewing risk management strategies in relation to strategic direction, governance, operation and finance and the associated risk register.

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