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Initial accreditation for member schools

Provisional accrediation applies to new schools and established schools with a period of initial accreditation.

Newly accredited non-government schools must meet the requirements of the Act upon commencement of operation.

It may not be possible for a proposed new school to provide evidence of compliance with all sections of the Act relating to the Record of School Achievement and/or Higher School Certificate prior to commencement. It is expected, however, that the applicant will provide evidence of policies and procedures that will ensure compliance of the school with the requirements of the Act should the application be successful. If the application for initial accreditation is successful, the new school is required to meet all the accreditation requirements and must, throughout its period of initial accreditation maintain evidence of compliance with those requirements.

Based on the accreditation requirements, the following evidence of capacity to comply is required for proposed new schools or established registered schools seeking initial accreditation to be considered for initial accreditation (Record of School Achievement, Higher School Certificate, quality of the educational program).

Any difference in the description of initial accreditation requirements in this section and those for accreditation is only intended to take account of the fact that compliance with some requirements cannot be demonstrated until the school begins to operate as an accredited school. On commencing operation, the requirements for established accredited schools apply

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