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Premises and buildings

What are the requirements for a registered non-government school in relation to premises and buildings?

A registered non-government school's premises and buildings must be satisfactory. The premises and buildings must comply with:

  • relevant council and government requirements
  • work health and safety legislation and subordinate legislation
  • environmental and land use guidelines.

I want to open a school and I have three sites in mind. Can I apply before finalising one of the sites?

The application may be submitted with details of the three possible sites. However, the application is unable to be processed until the proposed site is specified. Such specification is required to be submitted by 31 March in the year prior to the intended date for commencement of the proposed school.

What requirements should a school comply with to ensure its premises and buildings are satisfactory?

A registered non-government school must:

  • maintain written evidence that all school premises and/or buildings comply with all legislation relevant at the time of occupation
  • have policies to assess and monitor that current standard and state of repair of the school's premises and buildings, making reference to current building requirements
  • maintain details of annual fire safety statements which comply with Part 9 Division 5 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Regulation 2000.
  • confirm that it has policies and procedures to meet the requirements of the Disability Discrimination Act 1992 in terms of the school's buildings and premises
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