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Monitoring registration requirements of member schools

All registered non-government schools must meet the requirements of the Education Act 1990. The registration requirements that all registered member non-government schools and all member non-government schools that are approved as exempt from registration must meet and the evidence of compliance that schools might maintain for the period of their registration are detailed in 'Registration requirements'.

The requirements and evidence of compliance for member schools relate to:

  • proprietor and principal of the member school
  • staff
  • curriculum
  • premises and buildings
  • facilities
  • safe and supportive environment
  • discipline
  • attendance
  • management and operation of the member school
  • educational and financial reporting.

Additional requirements apply to member schools that provide boarding facilities.

The maximum period for which registration may be renewed is five (5) years.

Applications and recommendations on behalf of member schools seeking renewal of registration should be made by an approved authority using the relevant Form.

Evidence of compliance

The approved authority for a registration system must describe the process the authority has in place to monitor the compliance of member schools with the requirements for registration.

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