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Approved providers of governance training and courses


In January 2014, the Education Act 1990 ('the Act') was amended to require registered non-government schools to have and implement policies and procedures for the proper governance of the school.

For individual non-government schools, the requirement is detailed in section 3.9 of the NESA Registered and Accredited Non-government Schools (NSW) Manual ('the Manual'). For systemic non-government schools, the requirement is detailed in section 5.9 of the NESA Registration Systems and Member Non-government Schools (NSW) Manual.

The initial and ongoing professional learning of a school's 'responsible persons' is a key aspect of proper governance.

The Manual specifies the following minimum professional learning requirements for a school's 'responsible persons:

  • the mandatory completion of a minimum of twelve hours professional learning with regard to governance issues for each 'responsible person' for the school over each three year period from the time of commencing as a 'responsible person'; to be delivered by a NESA approved training provider
  • an induction process for new responsible persons for a school including, at a minimum, the mandatory successful completion of a NESA approved training program delivered by a NESA approved training provider.

NESA approved training providers are listed below. NESA approval is for the specified provider to deliver the content of the specified professional learning. The Administrative guidelines for approval of training providers and courses relating to proper governance of non-government schools ('the Guidelines') refer to the approved professional learning as an approved 'course'. The Guidelines are available in the section below. Approval is based on the content of the course aligning with the governance requirements detailed in the Manual.

Administrative guidelines for approval of training providers and courses relating to proper governance of non-government schools ('the Guidelines')

Download the guidelines

Submission for approval to become a NESA approved training provider of courses relating to proper governance of non-government schools

Download the submission form (Word version)

Download the submission form (PDF version)

Submission fees (non-refundable)

There is no submission fee for 'not-for-profit' organisations.

Organisations operating 'for-profit' are required to pay a fee prior to a submission being assessed. The fee is based on a cost recovery calculation. The fee schedule is as follows:

  • submission of 1 to 3 courses - $400
  • submission of 4 to 6 courses - $800
  • submission of 7 or more courses - fee to be negotiated

The fee is subject to change. The fee published above is always the most up-to-date.

NESA approval is limited to approving that the identified organisation's course content addresses the governance requirements in section 3.9 of the Manual.

NESA approved training providers

The list of approved training providers will be updated from time to time, as necessary. The list is current as of 28 November 2022.

Organisation Contact details Approved courses
Actuate Leadership

Contact person:
Dr Steve Bagi

0433 371 614

  • Healthy School Boards: Examining the role of conduct, relationships, strengths and the expertise of board members in effective governance


Anglican Schools Corporation


Contact person:
Mr Andrew Bardsley

0439 543 268

  • Module 1: Governance of NSW non-government schools
  • Module 2: Effective School Council processes
Association of Independent Schools of NSW

Contact person:
Mr Chris Duncan

02 9299 2845

Governance Workshop Sessions:

– Current Issues for the Independent Sector
– Effective Governance
– Managing Risk
– Executive Supervision
– Governance Training: Strategic Planning in Schools
– Financial Governance - Part 1
– Financial Governance - Part 2
– Reputational Risk
– A School's Legal Framework
– Child Protection for Boards
– Due Diligence: Work Health and Safety Duties of Directors of School Boards

Governance Online Modules:

– Introduction to School Governance
– School Governance
– Legal Compliance
– Financial Governance
– Executive Supervision
– Managing Risk
– School Board Survey
– Child Protection Legislation
– Strategy
– Reputational Risk

    • AISNSW Governance Symposium (17 April 2015), (22 April 2016), (10 April 2017), (16 April 2018), (15 April 2019), (30 September 2022)
    • Schools Security Seminar (21 July 2015)
    • Governance for School Council Members (26 June 2018), (8 November 2018)
    • Financial Acumen for Independent School Directors (17th April 2018)
Australian Institute of Company Directors

Contact person:
Mr Philip Latham

02 8248 2711

  • Company Directors Course
  • Foundations of Directorship
  • Governance Foundations for NFP Directors
  • Governance Essentials
  • Developing your Director Career
  • Not-for-Profit Board Dynamics
  • Governing to Protect Vulnerable People
  • School Board Governance Series
    • Part 1 - The role of the school board director
    • Part 2 - Strategy for school boards
    • Part 3 - Risk oversight for school boards
  • Cyber for Directors
BDO Services Pty Ltd

Contact person:
Mr Sean Pascoe

02 8221 2225

  • Risk Management Training - Education
Bond University Limited

Contact person:
Ms Hannah Pilkington

07 5595 5895

  • ASBA: The Role and Function of the Board
  • ASBA: Duties and Responsibilities of Directors and Officers
  • ASBA: Risk Management
  • ASBA: Financial Governance
Catholic Diocese of Broken Bay - Catholic Schools Office

Contact person:
Ms Suzanne Waters

02 9847 0344

  • Diocesan Governance Structures and Processes
  • Conflict of Interest and Related Party Transactions
  • Risk Management
  • Financial Governance
  • Strategy and Risk
  • Induction
  • Risk Management (Reputation)
Catholic Diocese of Maitland-Newcastle - Catholic Schools Office (CSO) 02 4979 1207
  • Diocesan Governance structures and processes
  • Governance case studies
  • Risk management
  • Financial governance
  • Responsible Person Induction
  • Good Governance Annual Refresher Training
  • Annual risk profiling
  • Annual financial performance
  • Reputational risk standards, compliance and quality assurance
Catholic Education Diocese of Bathurst

Contact person:
Ms Catherine Gaudry

0427 415 355

  • Module A: Governance Big Picture and Diocesan Structures
  • Module B: Governance specifics
  • Module C: Risk Management
  • Module D: Financial Governance


Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta


Contact person:
Michael Pruyn

(02) 94077053

  • Privacy Training
  • Responsible Person Forum
  • Business Managers Forum
  • System Leaders’ Breakfast Meeting (10 May 2022)
  • Safeguarding - New Leaders Training
  • Board of Directors Responsible Persons Induction
Catholic Schools NSW

Contact person:
Audrey Bower

02 9287 1532

Catholic Schools NSW delivers a range of governance training for Responsible Persons in Catholic Schools, face-to-face and online. The CSNSW website provides compliance advice and the latest listing of online Governance Training Modules (1 hour each):
  • Module 1 - Introduction, Responsible Persons, Proper Governance
  • Module 2 - Policies and Procedures and two Case Studies
  • Module 3 - Conflict of Interest, Related Party Transactions, Professional Learning
  • Module 4 - Induction Process, Independent Audit, Notification of Certain Matters, Case Study
  • Module 5 - School Culture Good Governance and Stewardship
  • Module 6 - Financial Stewardship and Compliance in Catholic Schools
  • Module 7 - Risk Management in Catholic Schools
  • Module 8 - Legal Compliance Framework for Catholic Schools

CSNSW Responsible Persons Induction Course consists of four one hour online modules:

  • Module 1 – The Legal and Regulatory Environment for NSW Catholic Schools
  • Module 2 – An Introduction to School Governance
  • Module 3 – Risk, Compliance and Policy Management
  • Module 4 – Other Obligations of Responsible Persons

CSNSW Online Governance Training Modules (1 hour each):

  • Module 1 – Privacy Training
  • Module 2 – Conflicts of Interest Training
  • Module 3 – Not-for-Profit (s 83C) Training

CSNSW Inaugural Education Law Symposium 'Catholic School Governance in the 21st Century' (30 September 2019)

CSNSW 2021 Education Law Symposium,
‘Catholic School Governance for the Common Good’ (23 September 2021)

CSNSW 2022 Education Law Symposium, ‘Catholic School Governance: In the Spirit of Service’ (29 September 2022)

Christian Education National (CEN)

Contact person:
Ms Kathy Pereira

02 5773 5800

  • Annual Governance Conference
  • NSW Board Induction (responsible persons) course
  • Board Basics
  • Board Foundations
  • Board Functions
  • Board Performance
Christian Schools Australia (CSA)

Contact person:
Mr Mark Spencer

02 6257 7989

  • Responsible Officer Induction Course
  • The School Governance Environment Module
  • Legal Responsibilities of Boards
  • Risk and Compliance in Schools
  • Facilitated Risk Workshop
  • Practice of Good Governance
    MD1 - Foundations of Governance
    MD1 - Legal Framework
    MD3 - Decision making and board processes
  • Monitoring of Governance
    MD4 - Financial Reporting
    MD5 - Financial Performance
    MD6 - Principal and Executive oversight
  • Christian Schools National Policy Forum Symposium 2021
  • Performance and Conformance
    MD7 - The Board’s Role in Strategy
    MD8 - Risk oversight
    MD9 - Compliance and Policy Roles of the Board
  • Governance Sustainability
    MD10 - Stakeholder communication
    MD11 - Board effectiveness
    MD12 - Behaviour and governance
CompliSpace Pty Ltd

Contact person:
Mrs Melissa Larsson

1300 132 090

  • Governance for Non-Government Schools (NSW)
  • The NSW Education Act and Non-Government School Registration Requirements
  • Enterprise Risk Management for Schools
  • Schools and the Law
  • Conflicts of interest and related party transactions
  • Codes of Conduct
  • Induction Program
  • Harmonised Work Health and Safety for Schools
Corporate Governance Systems

Contact person:
Mr Chris Bertinshaw

0417 212 969

  • School Council Governance Course
  • Governance for ASC School Councillors
  • Effective Leadership of the School Council
  • Risk: Issues for School Councils
  • Understanding School Finances
  • Strategic Planning for School Councils
  • Evaluating the School Council and the Principal
  • The NESA Manual and School Governance
Edmund Rice Education Australia (EREA) www.erea.edu.au
03 9426 3220
  • EREA Board Code of Conduct Review
  • EREA Risk Management Framework
  • Matters to be Notified to NESA
  • EREA Supervisory Arrangements and Reporting Requirements
  • EREA Legal Compliance and Regulatory Compliance - Safeguarding
  • Delegations: Non-Financial
Good Samaritan Education

Contact person:
Ms Jane Comensoli

0410 584 099

  • Induction Program for Responsible Persons
  • Strategic Planning for Good Samaritan Education
  • Leadership of a Good Samaritan College
  • Strategic Planning for a Good Samaritan College
  • Purpose, Not for Profit Nature & Accountability to Members
  • Compliance with Australian Laws
  • Suitability of Responsible Persons
  • Duties of Responsible Persons and Conflict of Interest
  • Governance Policies and Procedures
  • Related Party Transactions Register and External Audit Requirements
  • Matters to be Notified to NESA by Responsible Persons
  • Not-for-profit Guidelines for NSW Non-Government Schools
Governance Evaluator

Contact person:
Ms Robyn Duffield

0488 525 460


  • Governance Evaluation
  • Development & Skills Matrix
Governance Institute of Australia

Contact name:
Sally Graham 

1800 251 849

  • Assessing, Analysing and Treating Risk
  • Duties of Officers and Directors
  • Governance and Risk Management
  • Governance Essentials
  • Legal Framework of Governance
  • Meeting Compliance Requirements
  • Minutes for Boards and Committees
  • Not-for-Profit Financial Management
  • Not-for-Profit Officers, Directors and the Board
  • Not-for-Profit Regulatory Compliance
  • Risk Management Essentials
  • Risk Management Frameworks
  • Security Risk
GovernRight Pty Ltd

Contact person:
Mr Simon Neaverson

1300 228 862

  • The Challenge of Modern School Governance
  • Building governance beyond compliance for Schools
  • Embedding Modern Governance for Schools:
    • Oversight of the Management of Risk
    • Understanding Financial Drivers in Schools
    • Building accounting and engagement at all levels in your School
GRL Advisory

Contact person:
Ms Leah Fricke

0410 346 897

  •  Advanced Governance
Integroe Partners Pty Ltd

Contact person:

Mr Paul Davis

02 9181 5001

  • Foundations for Good Governance
  • Risk Oversight for School Boards
  • Child Safety Priorities for School Boards

Jesuit Education Australia (JEA)

Contact person:

Ms Jennie Hickey

0400 705 085


  • Module 1: Induction
  • Module 2: Financial Literacy and Future Financial Planning
  • Module 3: Introduction Program for responsible persons
  • Module 4: Being a Responsible Person for a Jesuit owned entity
  • Module 5: Being Responsible People
Nexia Sydney Group Pty Ltd 0474 767 708
  • NSW Schools Governance
Optimal School Governance Contact person:
Dr Stephen Codrington

0400 554 909
  • School Governance Basics
  • Best Practice in School Governance
  • Effective School Governance
  • Board Operations
  • Creating and Sustaining Healthy Boards in Good Times and Bad
  • Future Focused Board Leadership
  • Governance and Management
  • Mission, Vision and Strategic Thinking
  • Overcoming the Challenges of Governance and Minimising Risk
  • The Board's Fiduciary and Non-Fiduciary Duties
  • Directing and Managing Change
Prolegis Lawyers

Contact person:
Mr Jon Cheung

02 9466 5222

  • Governance
  • School Risk and Compliance
Resolve Consulting Group

Contact person:
Mr David Bartlett

02 4324 4800

  • Board Responsibilities and Policies
  • Board Operations
  • Risk Management and Compliance
  • School Financial Management
  • Board and Responsible Persons Induction
  • Strategic Planning for Governance
  • Governance and Best Practice Reporting
  • Board and Management Relationship
  • Finance Equipper for Responsible Persons
  • Not for Profit School Regulatory Compliance Processes
Somerset Education Pty Ltd

Contact person:
Mr John Somerset

0417 618 899

  • Financial Governance and Risk Management for Non-government Schools
Sydney Catholic Schools Archdiocese of Sydney

Contact person:

Governance team
(02) 9568 8215

  • Responsible Persons Training:
    • School Leadership
    • Accountability and Policy
    • Governance Landscape
    • Governance in Action
    • Strategic Risk Management
    • Leaders and Individual Decision Making
    • Governance and Collaborative Decision Making
    • Practical Governance – Differentiated Workshops
    • Governance and Ethics
    • Risk Management


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