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Inspection visits

What does an inspection visit involve?

The inspection process is based on risk assessment by NESA.

The visit will always include a review of a sample of the school's evidence of compliance as required by the inspector.

Depending on the risk assessment, the vist may also involve some or all of the following:

  • discussions with the principal and appropriate executive staff
  • a tour of the school buildings and facilities, including inspection of resources and teaching materials
  • consideration of teaching programs
  • review of a selection of students' books, work samples and records of student achievement
  • review of school administrative documents, including enrolment and daily attendance records, the official school discipline policy, and other school policies
  • review of the school's curriculum patterns and timetable
  • discussion with the principal about teaching staff qualifications, experience, professional development programs and supervision
  • review of the school's documentation in relation to each requirement for registration and, where applicable, accreditation
  • discussion with the principal relating to significant issues for the school.
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