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Conditions of Registration

Section 53A of the Education Act 1990 states that the registration of a non-government school is subject to such conditions relating to the requirements for registration as the Minister may impose (whether at the time the school is registered or at any later time). Any such conditions will be specified in the school’s certificate of registration. The Minister may not impose a condition on the registration of a non-government school unless NESA has made a written recommendation to the Minister that the condition be imposed.

Conditions of registration may be recommended by an Inspector:

  • when it has been identified that there is a compliance concern and NESA is satisfied that the school has the capacity to address the compliance concern; and/or
  • when a school has belatedly responded to a compliance concern and evidence of sustained compliance is sought by NESA; and/or
  • when NESA seeks assurance that planned improvements are being implemented; and/or
  • in any other circumstance where an Inspector forms the view that a condition of registration is warranted. 

The application of conditions may be in addition to other measures such as monitoring or an extension of a school’s registration period under section 55 of the Act. Conditions of registration may also apply to schools granted the maximum period of registration.

Further details on conditions of registration can be found in the Guidelines for Conditions of Registration ('the Guidelines').

These Guidelines supplement the information in the Manuals by:

  • identifying when conditions might be applied;
  • describing the process for NESA to apply conditions; and
  • providing some examples of conditions that may be considered.

Download the Guidelines

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