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Accreditation requirements

Registered non-government schools that are accredited must meet curriculum requirements that are additional to those required for registration.

In deciding whether the requirements of the Education Act are being complied with in relation to a registered non-government school, NESA will have regard to matters relating to the quality of student learning. Under the Education Act, such matters may include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • the standard of teaching of courses of study provided at the school having regard to the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers as provided by the TA Act,
  • student engagement in learning at the school,
  • any matters identified in a risk assessment conducted by NESA in relation to the school.

Accreditation enables a school to enter candidates for the Record of School Achievement and/or the Higher School Certificate.

The requirements and the evidence of compliance for schools relate to:

The Education Act 1990 makes provision for the requirements for the Record of School Achievement and the Higher School Certificate to be prescribed by Regulations developed by NESA. These requirements are outlined on the NESA Assessment Certification Examination (ACE) website.

Applications for renewal of accreditation must be made usingĀ the relevant form in RANGS OnlineĀ and lodged with NESA at least nine (9) months before the expiry of the school's current period of accreditation.

The maximum period for which accreditation may be renewed is five (5) years.

The Education Act 1990 also makes provision for the accreditation of an established school not be renewed or to be cancelled where there are concerns about compliance.

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