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Primary education and secondary schools

Evidence of capacity to comply

A proposed non-government school must:

  • provide a summary of the proposed total number of teaching hours per Year/class and KLA/course
  • provide the intended educational program:
    • scope and sequence of proposed learning/units of work in relation to outcomes of the NESA syllabus for each KLA/course for each Year
    • planned resources and equipment to be available for each KLA/course
  • an assessment plan indicating how students' performance in each KLA/course is to be assessed, monitored and recorded
  • proposed process for reporting student achievement
  • describe how the proposed school, if secondary and applying for registration only, will inform parents of students in writing each year that the proposed school will not be eligible to enter candidates for the Record of School Achievement and/or Higher School Certificate and will indicate the consequences for potential candidates for that credential of the proposed school not being accredited.

The proposed non-government school must be able to demonstrate alignment between NESA syllabuses and the school's proposed curriculum documentation.


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